Are SEO Jobs in Demand?

SEO description: Search Engine Optimization in English , we also speak of natural referencing, which aims to improve your ranking in the results of search engines such as Google. Find out how to increase the visibility of your job offers by optimizing this referencing.

Integrate relevant keywords, choose an attractive title, personalize your ad, structure it and take care of the formatting … All these SEO methods will guarantee you more visibility in search engines, attract candidates and have a significant impact on your employer brand.

Optimize your job offers to attract candidates

Each job offer is subject, like any web content, to the constraints of referencing, or SEO. The more an ad is optimized, the more it will be visible and consulted. When writing your ad, it is therefore essential to apply certain SEO methods. Manpower gives you some tips to boost the visibility of your job offers and attract candidates.

Select effective keywords

The choice of keywords is crucial for good SEO, for the simple reason that Google uses keywords to judge the relevance of each web page. Thus, the more an advertisement contains relevant keywords linked to the position, the profession, the location, … the more it will be valued by Google in its results.

Before writing the job offer, determine the main keywords related to the targeted profession. For example, for a position in the food industry based in Rouen, the following keywords can be considered: production; production line; production agent; industrial; Quality Control; products; industrial sector; Rouen; Haven; Seine-Maritime; 76 …

The main keyword (often the job title, such as “Production team leader in the food industry” should be repeated several times throughout the text and the connoted keywords will be integrated into the content of the ad Very often, candidates consult the ads from their smartphones and skim over them when reading. Keywords should therefore allow the candidate to quickly and effectively understand the subject of the ad and determine if it meets their expectations.

To determine your keywords, imagine the terms the candidate will use to search for a job for the targeted trade. It can be the wording of the position, the city, the region, a technical term, or even a diploma. In this way, target ten keywords to incorporate in your ad.

Choose a well-known and meaningful title

The title of an ad is THE key point to take care of. Better to focus on a precise and meaningful title. Avoid at all costs titles that are too short, which do not describe the content of the offer. Prefer terms often chosen by applicants. Indeed allows you to see, in the section “Employment trends”, what type of keyword job seekers are using.

You can also type in Google the beginning of your title, to know the most used derivatives.

Also remember that the title is one of the main elements that prompts people to discover an ad. So stand out, and avoid long titles such as titles that are too short (“Seller” will give little indication of the offer, while “Seller in a ready-to-wear store” allows you to read more straight away. candidate, avoiding him to go to consult an advertisement which does not correspond to his needs).

Humanize your ad

It is important to humanize and personalize your text to attract candidates. First of all, you must avoid any copy and paste of the job description and imagine what arguments can encourage the candidate to apply or to find out more about your company. Remember that when the job posting is published, your employer brand is highlighted.

Don’t hesitate to adopt an uninhibited style, address the candidate directly, and encourage them to apply. On reading the offer, the latter must feel concerned and must succeed in projecting himself into the company, by understanding what makes your difference, and how his daily life will unfold if he joins you.

To do this, also remember to give precise information about the team, the atmosphere, the workspace, the management style, etc. All the elements that can help the candidate to visualize himself in taking up the position are effective.

Structure and ventilate your ad

Obviously, a well-constructed and well-presented ad will be more attractive than an unventilated block of text. It is therefore essential when writing your ad to ensure the quality of the formatting, using all the tools that facilitate fluid and rapid reading (keywords in bold, harmonized size and font, etc.). Just like Internet users, search engines take into account both the content and the form of the text.

You can ventilate your ad and structure it in different paragraphs, as follows:

  • The job title: optimized, it must be obvious and therefore be chosen with care;
  • The chapô: with the essential information concerning the type of position and the location;
  • The presentation of the company: you have to help the candidate to project himself, inform him about the culture, the spirit of the company …
  • The presentation of detailed missions with precision and by integrating the chosen keywords
  • Your expectations: in terms of skills, training, experience …
  • Additional information: type of contract, duration, place of work, benefits, remuneration, development prospects, etc. All the elements allowing the candidate to project himself and to be reassured about taking up the position.

The presence of a reminder on key information (location, salary, level of education, type of contract, etc.) at the start of the advertisement is also appreciated to make it easier for the candidate to read and allow him to quickly scan an offer .

Pay attention to your style, syntax and spelling

Spelling mistakes are the worst enemies of SEO, user experience and also rub off on the employer brand. Proofread your ad several times to ensure flawless syntax and spelling. Likewise, technical, trade-specific jargon should be used wisely and in a moderate manner.

While it is important to respect the technical constraints of SEO, the style should not suffer. Your job advertisement must remain attractive and comprehensive, and must keep the candidate on the hook until the last line. The use of keywords, for example, should not be excessive and these should be subtly incorporated throughout the ad. It is therefore a question of finding the right balance between the constraints of SEO and an attractive and neat style.

If the SEO of the ad remains important to give visibility to your job offer, the candidate experience is nonetheless essential!

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