Can digital marketing save your business

The Covid-19 crisis has turned the situation of many companies upside down. Digital marketing is inevitable and necessary to save the business. It is the ultimate solution to avoid cutting off communication with your customers and always meeting their expectations.

Many web marketing channels can help you promote your products or services. 360 web marketing, a digital marketing agency in Tunisia presents the most relevant in times of crisis!

Invest in organic traffic

To restore visibility to your business and give it every chance of being well identified on the SERP (search engine result page), you must not neglect the implementation of a good SEO strategy.

For this, it is essential to adapt and optimize its content strategy to current events and trends and to respond to what Internet users are looking for. Real groundwork must be done: content creation, links, site optimization….

Call on our SEO agency to go up in search results and considerably improve your traffic! Our SEO agency will assess the areas for improvement of your website and offer you concrete solutions to put in place.

Social selling

Social selling refers to selling products and services through social networks. It is a very effective method to digitize the communication of your company. Indeed, Internet users spend a lot of time on social networks, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.

In addition, social networks represent an excellent business opportunity for your company because they allow you to collect a lot of information about its members and allow you to target your prospects very precisely by launching an advertising campaign on social networks.

Google ads

Google ads are Google’s advertising tool that allows you to position your site in search results on keywords related to your industry.

You have to plan a regular budget if you want to appear there permanently. Indeed, if you stop paying, you disappear. Call on our Google ads agency for the development and optimization of your SEA campaign to attract qualified traffic to your site. Once the type of campaign has been identified (Ads, Display, or Shopping) and your objectives refined, our web marketing agency in Tunisia creates your Google Ads account as well as your campaigns and ads.

Today, the use of digital is no longer an option, but an imperative. If this lever was already important for companies, it is still growing in the face of the health crisis. Adapting a digital marketing strategy in the context of covid-19 is not always easy. You can choose to hire a digital agency to perform this task.

Call on 360 Web marketing, a digital marketing agency in Tunisia!

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