Digital Marketing 8 good reasons to invest

Digital marketing is no longer an option, it must be an integral part of any business strategy. Why invest? Here are 8 reasons to choose digital marketing.

1.Definition of digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to all the marketing techniques used on digital channels to promote your offer. It also includes the entire technical ecosystem that allows you to personalize an offer.

It could be:

  • optimizing a website to be effective
  • the development of an application
  • the use of social networks
  • the social selling
  • the online advertising
  • the (SEO) to gain visibility
  • of the inbound marketing to attract visitors and convert into leads and then customers
  • analysis of digital actions
  • the implementation of a CRM
  • setting up a business blog
  • the automation of sales or marketing
  • etc ..

Digital marketing has a wide range of things that we won’t all mention … What’s important is why you should care. Here are 7 reasons.

2.Because your consumers are now digital

As a marketing and/or sales manager, you know you need to position yourself where your consumers are. However, in Reunion, there are 593,000 Internet users (86% connected), 470,000 Reunionese on Facebook (or 57% of the population), and 1 in 2 Reunionese active on Linkedin. There is no longer a choice, it is not an option: you have to go and invest strategically in the medium to long term!

In addition, the behaviors of these same consumers have evolved: they now systematically start their research on the Internet concerning their needs, and more precisely on Google.

Accelerating The Digital Transformation Of Your Customer Experience: Now  And In The Future

3.Because the ROI is perfectly measurable

All digital actions are traceable and measurable. The ROI of your marketing actions is finally identifiable, and your efforts recognized! You can identify and prove:

  • the number of visitors: how many Internet users came to your website?
  • the visit/lead conversion rate (prospect): how many of these Internet users have converted (filled in a form)?
  • the lead/customer conversion rate: how many leads are needed to make a sale?
  • which Facebook post generated the most leads that were then turned into customers
  • which email generated the most conversions
  • etc.

Remember that the main interest of a digital strategy is neither the number of fans nor the number of visitors but

4.Because the cost of acquiring a customer is cheaper in digital

The cost of acquiring a customer (CAC) is the budget to get a new customer compared to commercial marketing efforts and provided. It is calculated by comparing all the marketing and commercial investments with the number of clients obtained.

However, according to a Hubspot study, it is proven that the cost of acquiring a customer via digital marketing is 61% less expensive than a traditional marketing strategy! How is it possible? By using advanced traffic acquisition, conversion, and lead nurturing techniques, you build a database of qualified leads that is significantly easier to convert!

5.Because digital marketing improves customer relations

Your customers want a different relationship with your business: closer, more open, more transparent, and less intrusive. Thanks to technological innovation, digital marketing makes it possible to optimize this customer relationship: enter the era of marketing automation!

Marketing automation is a series of actions that are triggered – automatically, therefore – according to predefined criteria. You can now personalize your mailings based on registering for an event, downloading a guide … You are in the one-to-one relationship you’ve been dreaming of for years!

By relying on inbound marketing techniques, in particular on the sharing of expert content, you will move up a gear with your customers!

What is Digital Marketing - Digicon Academy

6.Because your competition is probably already there

We can see it: digital is a factor of differentiation and redistributes the cards. An opportunity to be seized, which can also constitute a threat for companies that do not adapt. This has been proven by the arrival of new players who sometimes go so far as to transform (or “uberize”) industries., TripAdvisor, or Airbnb in the tourism sector in Reunion, does that mean anything to you? All sectors are affected.

Digital allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and offer a flawless customer experience.

7.Because digital marketing is a long-term investment

A large part of the actions you take in digital (natural referencing, web content creation, guides to download, traffic acquisition, and conversion strategy) will last over time. We are therefore not talking here at all about advertising or gaming investments which, by nature, are ephemeral.

8.Because the digitalization of your business is underway

Your boss only talks about that: the digitalization of the company! You hear about technological innovations, new business models, data, or dematerialization … To meet the new expectations of management, digital marketing will be your stone that you will add to the building! Digital is a real growth driver, and an opportunity if it is seized on time.

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