How to do Website Analysis in SEO?

Carrying out an SEO analysis of your website offers you a different perspective on it, indicating the areas that may need some improvement.

It is important to perform this type of analysis regularly, as the industry evolves quickly and this will help you stay ahead of your competition by adapting to changes that arise.

Now that you know a little more about how important it is to do an SEO analysis, let’s see how you can carry it out on your website. You have to analyze your website following an SEO checklist to find out what aspects you should correct.

Steps to follow to analyze your SEO

I advise you to regularly carry out an SEO analysis of your website, reviewing at least the most essential aspects one by one.

Maintain order and systematize them so that it is easier and more comfortable for you to discover the aspects to improve on your website:

Check your visibility on Google

It is the most important aspect that you should consult when conducting an SEO analysis.

You have to verify the current position and ranking of your website in search engines. The easiest way to find out is by typing ” site: ” into the search bar of the search engine itself.

You can also check how many pages of your website rank in the search engine by adding the full URL of the page.

Study your URLs and meta descriptions

Your URLs should be made up of a few words that describe the content of the page. If the URLs are not well optimized, modify them so that Google bots can associate the content of your website with them.

Similarly, it is recommended that meta descriptions include your main keyword and be eye-catching. A well-written and attractive meta description helps convince users to visit your website.

Modify your titles and headings

The titles and headings of your website should include relevant keywords.

Analyze the ones you are currently using, if they are keywords with a high search volume, try to orient your SEO strategy towards those words. To measure your keywords and see other suggestions you can use Übersuggest.

SEO analysis: Übersuggest.

High search volume keywords generally have a lot of competition, making them harder to rank for. Ideally, find those that have a good search volume and little competition.

Don’t forget to write attractive titles so that users can’t resist clicking on them!

Check the ranking of your website

Check the local and national ranking of your website, looking at the number of users who visit it at a time that you set as convenient. This information will give you a vision of how your website is positioned for the others in your same sector.

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You can also collect information about the bounce rate and average time visitors spend on your site to try to optimize the pages that receive the least traffic.

Lastly, write down the top keywords that get the most traffic and work to boost them.

Analyze your inbound links

The next step on our list is to check the links that point to your website and even those of your competitors, to see if they can be useful to you.

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