Secrets of a 6-Figure Freelance Writer

I have been a freelance writer for nearly twenty years and have made over $100,000 a year for the past ten years. Sometimes there is less shade, but usually much more. Can you do the same? You can probably…

Here’s the biggest secret… you don’t have to be the best freelance writer to make the most money.

Of course you need writing skills. You have to know your medium and your audience — and you have to write well. If you don’t, customers won’t want to hire you. So whether you’re writing an article, a direct mail package, a white paper or a resume… you need to act professionally.

But good writing isn’t the secret to earning six figures. There are many good writers who earn much less than that. The real secret to freelance writing success lies in four areas:

>> Secret #1: Go where the money is!

Too many freelance writers struggle with projects that require a lot of work but don’t pay a decent fee.

Whatever your niche or expertise, make the effort to find out which companies really understand the value of your writing.

For example, if you write direct mail, there is a lot of money in the healthcare market. You can have a great life as a travel writer if you write articles. and so on. Do your own research to find out which industries and companies pay high fees to freelance writers.

>> Tip 2: Promote your business every day

Don’t think of yourself as a freelance writer who works from home. See yourself as a company. As a business, you need to actively and consistently promote your services.

Do one thing every day to boost your business. This could be a phone call, attending a local business meeting, sending some emails to potential clients, improving your website, or buying some advertising space. Do something.

What if you get too many leads and too much work? Where to go to get rich! Stop working for customers who take up too much of your time and pay you too little, and start working for customers who pay you more.

>> Tip 3: Work efficiently

Working alone can lead to lazy work habits that you’ll never get rid of once you’re employed by a company. Remember that if you want to make 6 figures, you have to make money every day.

The most important thing is to organize your day well. Schedule your time and set aside time for writing, promotions, management, and more. You may want to use some sort of program or system to schedule tasks by day, week, and month.

Be strict with yourself. Set your schedule and stick to it.

>> Secret #4: Set Goals

It’s really hard to get there if you don’t know what your goal is! It’s much better to set some goals. Again, set weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals.

How high should you aim? Stretch yourself, but be realistic. In other words, set goals that challenge you and make you work hard, but don’t set goals that are so ambitious that you are almost doomed to failure. If you do, you just get discouraged.

>> Closing thoughts…

Does $100,000 a year sound too ambitious? I hope not. Thousands of freelance writers have broken the six-figure barrier. With some determination and clear goals, this can be achieved.


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