Which SEO Techniques are Popular?

Despite the popularity of the term, there are still many who do not know much about the word SEO. This is an unforgivable thing if you are dealing with entrepreneurs or people related to business marketing.

SEO techniques are strategies used to position a website in search engines, through different strategies. This gives visibility to the page, allowing it to reach a greater number of people, and with it, the possibility of transforming those users into customers. The acronym SEO indicates Search Engine Optimization, that is, search engine optimization.

Search engines are the great allies with this technique, although they also impose rules that must be followed. This is why SEO techniques should not be applied without knowing them, since in the same way that they can increase traffic, that is, visits within the site, they can also make the page disappear from search engines.

What techniques should be used?

Several tools must be applied to a website for it to be optimized. Keywords (or keywords) occupy a privileged place since it is one of the most used. These are words related to the theme of the site, and that users frequently use when searching.

It is not about choosing words at random. Currently, some tools facilitate the definition of keywords, such as Google Trends. At the same time, research should be carried out on the most popular keywords in search engines, to determine those that are related to your company’s website and use them.

An example is Google Adwords, a very popular tool that allows you to determine how many searches a certain word has and how many websites use them.


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Types of SEO techniques

SEO techniques can be divided into two groups: techniques called black hat and white hat.

These techniques differ from each other by the reputation they have. As mentioned above, search engines have rules for the implementation of keywords. The nightmare of every marketing professional is Google’s algorithms, which are dedicated to searching the web, pages that implement illegal techniques to position themselves quickly and effortlessly.

What are the black hat techniques considered illegal?

They are mainly characterized by offering fast positioning in search engines without extra work. For example the abusive use of keywords within the text, including them without meaning. This allows users to reach the site but once there, the content they are looking for does not exist, only words without coherence.

Hidden text is another black hat technique, which consists of placing text only visible to search engines, to achieve adequate positioning. The text cannot be seen by users, who come to the page and cannot find what they were looking for.

So what are white hat techniques?

The white hat techniques, on the other hand, allow achieving a natural positioning of the pages, through marketing work. These techniques are valued by search engines, so even if it takes longer to reach the top positions, the work is rewarded.

The application of SEO techniques on your website is essential if you want to increase traffic to it. Achieving the visibility you need does not require many complex tools, only the right ones and appropriate for your company page.

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